About Us

EcoMerchant is a Vancouver-based store offering eco-friendly products that are safe for you and your family.

All our product lines are family owned businesses, started by entrepreneurs who wanted their kids’ lives to be better. They started small, but the aspirations were far from that: how can we remove dangerous chemicals from our products, and how can we reduce environmental waste as much as possible? Our goal is to bring together these great products in one place: we look for products that contribute to the community and are either biodegradable, natural, organic, recyclable, or all of the above.

About The Founder

My name is Wil and I started EcoMerchant in 2018. My journey to help everyone live healthy and sustainably started during my early days in the ski industry. We always had strong awareness of the environment, probably because of the beautiful setting of this type of activity, yet every year I would see thousands of single-use charcoal handwarmers being tossed away (often on the snow) and pollute the environment.

I decided to invest all my time and energy to find a solution to this problem. And after extensive research and conversations with different companies, I found a manufacturer that could provide reusable handwarmers made with non-toxic materials. At that moment, I realized I had found my journey. I left my job in the ski industry and dedicated myself to finding more and more products that are environmentally conscious and are safe for people to use each day.

“I would see thousands of single-use charcoal handwarmers
being tossed away and pollute the environment.”

Over the years, we have built a distribution business that caters to retailers across Canada. Once we find products that are either biodegradablenaturalorganicrecyclable, or all of the above, we make them available for everyone in Canada. EcoMerchant is our way to give you direct access to some of our best products.

Living healthy and sustainably should be simple and without compromises, and we are on a journey to help everyone achieve that.

Wil Tarnasky Signature