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Antibacterial Mist - Genie Germz

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  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan and toxin free
  • Proudly Canadian


Enjoy a natural Root Beer scented mist that rids rascal paws of nasties that turn up in daily life. Easy for on the go antimicrobial cleansing, since it doesn't need to be rinsed off.

GENIE GERMZ is a fun, non-toxic, 99% antibacterial cleansing mist that helps rascals of all ages effectively duck yuck. A 100% natural formula, designed for rascals big and small.

To apply: mist onto yukki or sticky paws, rub together for 30secs, allow skin to air dry — it doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Repeat as needed.

Natural ingredients: Musa paradisiaca extract(banana bark), Aqua (water), Illicium verum (star anise), Cedrus atlantica (cedarwood atlas), Gaultheria procumbens (wintergreen), Vanilla Planifolia (vanilla).