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Calf Sleeve

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For athletes looking to relieve pain and prevent injury of calf/shin related conditions or trauma, the Incrediwear Calf Sleeve provides ergonomic support to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance.SIZING: Measure circumference of the calf. (Package contains one sleeve).S/M12- 16"30 - 41cmTECHNOLOGY AND SPECS:Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durabilityIncreases blood flowAccelerates recoveryRelieves painReduces swellingBreathable and moisture wicking fabricForm-fitting fabric3D weave design for strategic applicationMade with a blend of:63% Polyester27% Nylon10% SpandexAPPLICATIONS AND USES: For best results, wear the Arm Sleeve to alleviate symptoms associated with:TendonitisLymphedemaMuscle FatigueSwellingWhen you're looking for a credible Incrediwear supplier in Canada, look no further than Incrediwear at EcoMerchant!