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Incrediwear Back Brace Incrediwear
Incrediwear Back Brace Incrediwear


Incrediwear Back Brace

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The Incrediwear Back Braces reduces inflammation, relieves pain and discomfort, and accelerates recovery of lumbar injuries and conditions. The Back Brace can be worn during and after activity to provide adjustable support and pain relief post-activity. SIZING: Measure waist size at the belly button. (Package contains one brace).M 24 - 29" L 30 - 33" XL-34 - 37 " XXL38 - 44" XXXL45 - 53" XXXXL54 - 60

TECHNOLOGY AND SPECS:Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability Active elements within interior fabric fibers Comfortable support without restricting mobility Wearable and still active over thin clothing.

Inside:30% Nylon30% Polyester20% Cotton20% Spandex Plastic Stays Built in for Support Outside:61% Polyester29% Spandex10% Nylon

APPLICATIONS AND USES: For best results, wear the Back Brace to alleviate symptoms associated with:Lower-Back Pain, Mid-Back Pain, Disc Injuries, Pinched Nerves. The Incrediwear back brace is used extensively in Canada with chiropractors and physiotherapists to stabilize injured backs and promote healing through increased blood flow and oxygenation.