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Bandage Wrap

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The Incrediwear Bandage Wrap reduces inflammation & swelling, relieves pain, and accelerates recovery for those suffering from acute or chronic injuries. The Bandage Wrap is a must-have for any first aid kit and can be used for a wide variety of injuries.

Both Bandage Wraps have Velcro attachments for a reliable hold. Incrediwear Bandage Wraps are embedded with active elements (Carbon & Germanium) that work to increase circulation; resulting in reducing inflammation, relieving pain & stiffness, and accelerating recovery.

Incrediwear’s active elements are semiconductors, stimulated by body heat that begins working immediately once the product is put on. On average, Incrediwear takes only 20 minutes to feel the difference and bring relief.

TECHNOLOGY AND SPECS:Incrediwear’s signature fabric blend is embedded with semiconductor elements to provide effortless comfort and exceptional durability,

Increases blood flowAccelerates Recovery from acute and chronic injuries, Relieves pain, Reduces swelling.

Made with a blend of:70% Polyester15% Nylon15% Spandex

The 2” Inch  is 5.5' unstretched and 12' fully stretched. The 5” Inch Bandage Wrap  is 9.5' unstretched and 21' fully stretched. For best results, apply the Bandage Wrap to alleviate symptoms associated with Post Surgery, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Rib Injuries, or Hernias